Wish list for my birthday present

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I will be turning 24 at the end of the month...Happy Birthday to myself..
Allah Selamatkan Kamu, Allah Selamatkan Kamu, Allah Selamatkan Mohd Fauzi Bin Mohd Salleh, Allah Selamatkan Kamu!..argghhh dah lanjut usia can married la! but who wanna married me??

As a hensem guy, I hope I can receive presents on my birthday, here is my birthday present wish list:

1)Canon EOS 60D
- As a junior blogger yg sengal, I need a better camera for skodeng, a picture is worth than thousand words. It is so awesome when others praise me that my photos so nice and can take picture my loving Sara...
2)Iphone4- Multitasking, simple, superb and nice..dunno why i like this phone, before that i hardcore fan HTC Touch Windows Mobile!

3)Proton Inspira - Kaget & terpersona when first time looking this car..so awesome and cheap if u compare with Lancer or Honda Civic (my previously fevert car)
4) Married with Lisa Surihani or Diana Danielle or Juliana Evans or Nursyuhadah!

My ex girlfriend Lisa Surihani

My Sayang Montel - Nursyuhadah

Diana or Juliana, dua2 muke sama!

5) Futsal shoe - can replace my busuk kasut futsal (buy last 3 years)

I hope my family or friend know about that and maybe they buat surprise party for me =)
That's all, my birthday wish list just short and simple. But the price is a bit high! Gilo la..

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Comment by ++nurmilaAtiqah++ on Sunday, November 28, 2010 12:54:00 PM

xde satu pon yang mampu..so no present~

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